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What Not to do After a Collision

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What Not to do After a Collision

1) Do not delay in seeking medical treatment. Medical records are critical to document your injuries and link those injuries to the collision. Without medical records that were created within a reasonable amount of time after the collision to document the injuries sustained in the collision, your recovery can be challenging. You may face causation issues with your claim if there is a delay in seeking treatment. It is ideal to seek diagnosis and treatment immediately after the collision occurs.
2) Do not post any photos of the collision, of the vehicles involved, of your injuries, or of yourself participating in strenuous or athletic activities after the collision online. Keep in mind that anything that you post on social media could be used against you by an insurance carrier in the future. If someone is claiming bodily injuries but then subsequently posts photos of themselves competing in an Iron Man competition, skydiving, playing basketball or horseback riding, an insurance carrier can and will use these posts as evidence that the claimant is exaggerating his or her injuries.
3) Do not disobey or ignore your doctors’ orders. If your doctors advise you of physical restrictions and you fail to follow those instructions, you may jeopardize your personal injury claim. It is critical to listen to your doctors’ instructions and attend all follow-up appointments. Rescheduling or canceling appointments multiple times can be considered delays or gaps in treatment. Delays or gaps in medical treatment can be detrimental to your physical recovery and to the monetary recovery on your claim.