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Animal Attacks

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Getting bit or attacked by an aggressive dog or other animal can be traumatic. Not only has the injured person in these unfortunate circumstances likely sustained serious bodily injuries such as abrasions, cuts, torn skin, puncture wounds, and broken bones, they may also have permanent physical scarring and emotional scarring as well. Wounds that are sustained from dog bites are more likely to become infected which can lead to prolonged recovery periods. In the most extreme cases, amputation or reconstructive surgery may be required.

Children are particularly susceptible to animal attacks. It is not uncommon for a child to develop an overwhelming fear or anxiety around other animals after they’ve been injured. Oftentimes, therapy and counseling may be necessary to help the injured person learn to cope with the traumatic event.

In South Carolina, dog and pet owners and caretakers can be held liable for injuries caused by their pets. Dog owners have a duty to restrain their animals, particularly if the animal is known to demonstrate aggression.

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