If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another, you need a professional and experienced advocate to ensure that you receive proper care for your injuries.  Negotiating on your own with an insurance company can have negative and irreversible consequences. Insurance companies are only interested in minimizing their cost when a serious injury or wrongful death has occurred.  Attorneys at Payne Law Firm, LLC are experienced in fighting insurance companies’ for fair and just compensation for our clients. Attorneys at Payne Law Firm, LLC have experience in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury – Auto, Boating, Trucking and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation – Hurt on the Job
  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims
  • Catastrophic Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Wrongful Death
  • Premises Liability – Dog-Bite Cases, Slip & Falls
  • Medical Malpractice

Our attorneys are here to help you get through this difficult time in hopes of achieving the best possible results. Our office will review any releases or other documentation that an insurance company or defense attorney may be asking you to sign and our attorneys will advise you whether such an act is in your best interests. Contact us today for a free consultation.


How long will my personal injury lawsuit take?

How long it takes to obtain a settlement or verdict varies. Whether an injured person has been fully released from medical treatment is a significant factor. In short, every case is unique. Your case may settle with the help of an injury lawyer Charleston SC in a few months, or may take years to complete, even with the expert assistance of a qualified lawyer Charleston SC. Having an experienced personal injury attorney Charleston SC or personal injury attorney Daniel Island SC on your side to navigate is critical to ensuring that you do not settle your case prematurely. We are the law firm Charleston SC that you can trust to handle your personal injury case!

Should I sign a release?

Never sign a release without first consulting with a personal injury lawyer Charleston SC or elsewhere in South Carolina. You may be waiving your ability to recover for future damages or for medical bills that you have failed to anticipate. Oftentimes, the insurance companies offer an early settlement, which can seem tempting when you are receiving medical bills for Emergency Room treatment. You may fail to anticipate radiology bills or ER physicians bills that you may receive at a later date. Once you sign the release, you may be prevented from seeking reimbursement for any additional bills. Many injured parties are not fully aware of the extent and future costs associated with their injuries. You need an experienced injury attorney Charleston SC to advise you as to whether signing a release is in your best interests. You can trust Payne Law Office to be on your side as the injury lawyer Daniel Island SC or law firm Charleston SC that pulls you through the process.

How much is my case worth?

In addition to the determination of liability, numerous factors are considered in determining a value for fair and just compensation of a personal injury case. Availability and amounts of insurance coverage, the identity and previous driving record of the at-fault driver, your degree of fault in the collision, your medical bills, the severity of your injuries, the likelihood that you will require additional medical treatment in the future for the injuries sustained in the collision, your lost wages, and any loss of earning capacity are all factors that should be considered.
Any discrepancies in your medical records or other evidence that may detract from your case could be used as leverage by the insurance companies. Additionally, the manner in which you obtain medical treatment, life expectancy, employment history, your lifestyle, and your litigation history can be scrutinized by insurance companies. It is critical to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and to fight for fair and just compensation for you. As you can see, numerous factors are taken into account when determining the worth of your case, which is why you should turn to one of the top law firms Daniel Island SC and Charleston SC – Payne Law Office!

What is a letter of protection used for?

Sometimes people do not have health insurance and cannot afford to seek medical treatment for their injuries. If a person does not seek medical treatment for their injuries in a timely fashion, they may no longer have a viable personal injury claim. Some doctors and healthcare providers are willing to accept a “letter of protection” from a law firm, which allows the patient to continue treatment without being asked for payment until a later date. Hiring an attorney to represent you for your injuries immediately after you have been involved in a collision can help alleviate the stress and uncertainty of seeking treatment and managing your accumulating medical bills.

Why am I not being compensated when I have full insurance coverage?

Oftentimes, a person’s recovery is limited because they do not understand the insurance policy that they purchased. Many drivers mistakenly believe that they have “full coverage,” but fail to realize that they did not purchase underinsured (“UIM”) coverage, which will provide coverage in the event that the at-fault driver lacks insurance or has insufficient amounts of coverage to fully compensate the injured party. In South Carolina, UIM coverage is optional and many people do not purchase UIM coverage because they do not fully understand how coverage works.